Radio Pro's Features

Quick Setup: Go live within 5 minutes

Starting a new internet radio station has never been quicker: with Fluvius Radio Pro, you can start a new internet radio station, complete with stream hosting, in less than 5 minutes.

How? When you register, we automatically create and configure stream hosting for you. That means you don't have to spend time figuring out stream servers and encoders. If you use our integrated stream hosting service, you'll be on air with a single click.

Ease of Use: Know what you're doing

Radio Pro's interface was designed to be straightforward and clear. Special care was taken to ensure that you'll immediately understand what each feature does. This saves you considerable time compared to other broadcasting solutions.

With Radio Pro, you can instantly see what's playing and what's coming up. Due to our innovative Timeline View, you'll see track info, fade points and waveforms all in one glance. It's almost as if you can predict the future.

Audio Quality: Sound like the big guys

Want to get that commercial FM radio sound? Now, you can, without spending big money. Radio Pro's Master processor rivals the sound of hardware broadcast processors, saving you thousands of dollars. You can apply similar processing to the microphones, too, and get that radio voice you always wanted to have.

You don't have to tinker around with settings, either. Out of the box, the settings are already optimal for most broadcasters. But if you're the tech-savvy type, they're there for you to play with.

Live Functionality: Be a better DJ

Radio Pro was built for live radio. Finding and cueing songs is fast and simple, and the Timeline View gives you perfect control over the upcoming tracks. The microphones automatically lower the volume of the music as you speak, and ASIO support ensures you can hear yourself speak with virtually zero latency.

Radio Pro Features

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